Image Sensors Americas 2017 Advisory Board

Smithers Apex would is proud to work with the following renowned experts to shape and guide the Image Sensors Americas 2017 conference.

  • Peter Centen

    Director R&D Cameras Grass Valley

    Peter Centen is Vice President R&D, Cameras for Grass Valley, A Belden Brand and he has over 30 years of experience in managing innovation in imaging technology. During his time with Grass Valley, Peter has been instrumental in transitioning the camera manufacturer from CCD-imagers to CMOS imagers across the entire product range, which enabled the present-day HD, 4K and HDR imaging. He was the inventor of HD-DPM technology for which Thomson/Technicolor was awarded an Emmy in 2003. In 2016 he received the David Sarnoff award for his work in imaging. He holds a BSc an MSc with honors and a Ph.D.  He is a member of the IEEE and SMPTE and has published over 65 journal and conference articles in related fields and has presented his work at dozens of international conferences.

  • Paul Gallagher

    Senior Director of Technolog LG Electronics

    Paul Gallagher has been involved in image sensors and solutions his whole career, more than 30 years, working on sensors as diverse as nuclear missile navigation to the Barbie Cam.  He has headed up the marketing and business development teams for OmniVision, Samsung SLSI CMOS Imaging Group, and Pelican Imaging. He has successfully created and led teams that are responsible for finding and winning new large volume markets for novel imaging technologies and applications,  nearly tripling revenue in saturated markets (low$300m-nearly $900M) while increasing profitability.

    While with Micron he created the Technical Marketing Team, defining and justifying many of the early Micron Image Sensors, including the first off the shelf automotive grade image sensors.  He launched Micron into the Automotive, 2D BarCode, Security, 3D and Gesture Markets

     He saw the potential for CMOS Imaging in the early 90’s and joined VLSI Vision (VVL), within a few months of their opening an office in the US.  In addition to his work on the marketing and business development side of imaging he has been a SW algorithmist for scene understanding, Test Engineer, Applications Engineer, Product and Program Manager.  He holds 5 patents, and has written over 25 papers for journals and magazines.


  • Sean Kelly

    VP of Imaging Motorola

    Sean Kelly had been Imaging VP at Motorola Mobility since 2012.  He has lead Camera Commercialization and Camera Advanced Development Teams and supported the delivery of over a dozen new cameras.  During this tenure, Motorola has dramatically improved camera image quality and has brought this IQ performance into all product tiers.  He has also brought traditionally higher end camera features into the mainstream mobile camera.  Mr. Kelly has also served as Senior Director of Imaging at Flextronics where he supported camera module development, performance and factory yield improvements.  Mr. Kelly led a wide range of imaging teams spanning technology development through commercialization at Eastman Kodak.  Mr. Kelly has also supported imaging standards development in ISO and CPIQ.  He has also authored papers on image quality and digital camera performance and filed a series of patents on image processing and digital camera design.    

  • Trueman Pang

    Senior Optical Engineering Manager OmniVision

    Trueman Pang (Chin-Poh), Ph.D., senior optical engineering manager at OmniVision. Trueman is in charge of CMOS image sensor optical design like pixel structure, CFA patterns, PDAF and module flares analysis and products line yield improvement. He is deeply involved in new technologies development, closely cowork with process and algorithm team to improve image quality from physical level understanding. Before joining OmniVision, Trueman was optical manager at PixArt Imaging, Taiwan. Prior to that, Trueman was principal R&D engineer at VisEra Technologies, leading color filter spectrum optimization and microlens process development. He launched microlens technologies that boosts QE 20% than prior art and was honored CEO award for solving color shading issue. Trueman has over 10 granted US patents and several ideas treated as trade secret. Trueman got his Ph D degree in Physics from Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan.