FRAMOS Sensor Tech Days 2017

For the first time, the FRAMOS Sensor Tech Days event will be held in North America, co-located with this year’s Image Sensors Americas.

Taking place October 11, 2017 in San Francisco, FRAMOS Sensor Tech Days will help facilitate thoughtful conversation on hot topics in the image sensor industry, including presentations on:

  • Sensor customization
  • Sensor image performance
  • Image quality vs manufacturing quality
  • and much more...

If you are a sensor technology professional, engineer, or developer involved in contract manufacturing, camera design and sensor design, don't miss out on this one day conference, specifically designed around the future of sensor technology. 


FRAMOS Image Sensors Tech Days | 2017 Agenda

FRAMOS Image Sensors Tech Days

  1. New sensor models and technology for consumer products

    Takamasa Wada | SONY

    The Consumer Group from SONY Semi Conductor Solutions will be speaking on new sensor models and technology for consumer products. They will also provide a live demonstration.

  2. Coffee Break / Networking

  3. Deep insights on new Global Shutter sensors for Machine Vision

    Masaru Takamoto & Hiroshi Sugaya | SONY

    The Industrial Group from SONY Semi Conductor Solutions will be provide in depth discussion and provide insights on their new Global Shutter sensors for Machine Vision. They will also provide a live demonstration.

  4. Afternoon Networking Lunch

  5. Pushing the limits of Image Sensor Performance

    Hugh Garvey | President | EOI Tech

    The remarkable performance realized in the image sensors available to camera designers today is truly amazing. Even so, sometimes the application demands just a little more from the image sensor or the optical system in which it sits. Methods to overcome the limitations imposed by off-the-shelf image sensors in high performance optical systems will be discussed.

  6. Intel® RealSense™

    Intel® RealSense™

    Intel will speak about the possibilities of Perceptional Computing based on Intel’s® RealSense™ technology.

  7. Afternoon Networking Break

  8. Higher camera MSRP at the same BOM cost through Advanced camera factory IQ calibration and testing processes

    Denis Pomogaev | VP of Technology Innovations | Rhonda Software

    There are many aspects of product quality. When it comes to cameras, the two main aspects are Image Quality (IQ) and manufacturing quality. While higher Image Quality is typically achieved through selecting the right hardware components and applying the ISP “magic” to a raw image, the Manufacturing quality is mostly driven by efficient processes and control procedures. Camera design houses need to go an extra mile to make sure a sound camera design translates into great Image Quality and solid Manufacturing quality in every unit. The best picture possible is the goal for many camera-based products, but it is not the only goal – the product cost and price is also what matters, and matters a lot. It is a well know tradeoff – how to optimize BOM cost and still end up with a crisp and clear image taken by a photo or video camera. This presentation is about design-house-developed automated factory-resident ISP fine-tuning and quality control processes allowing to achieve higher end product quality in every unit translating into higher MSRP.

  9. High Performance custom and semicustom sensors for niche and mass volume applications

    Benoit Dupont | Head of Business Development | Pyxalis

    Some application domains require full-custom sensor solutions, however there are markets that cannot afford the development time and budget. For those applications an alternative design methodology is available that allows Imaging system manufacturers to benefit from a unique sensor that will differentiate their products from the competition in terms of performance, functionality and image quality: this presentation will review semi-custom Image sensor platforms, including modular sensors that are designed to be modified to address various needs, ranging from Ultra-High resolution for airborne applications, medical and scientific systems  to small pixels SOCs for mobile consumer applications. 

  10. Conference Wrap Up

  11. Evening Networking Reception

    Enjoy an evening of drinks and hors-d’oeuvres and network with FRAMOS Image Sensor Tech Days attendees, as well as Image Sensors Americas attendees, board members, and speakers.