2017 Image Sensors Americas Speakers

Meet this year's high level experts in the image sensors field, who will be speaking at IS Americas 2017

  • Dr. Farhad Abed

    Image quality engineer GoPro

    Dr. Farhad Abed joined the Program of Color Science at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2010.  His research and studies cover different aspects of color science including colorimetry, digital imaging, high-resolution and multispectral image acquisition and reproduction. His Ph.D. dissertation introduces a practical solution for pigment identification using spectral imaging and mathematical modeling of subtractive mixtures. He received his doctorate after four years under the direction of Dr. Roy S. Berns. In 2014, Dr. Abed joined ON Semiconductor as an R&D engineer responsible for developing algorithms for camera sensor pipeline. AWB, CCM and crosstalk algorithm enhancements were part of the assigned tasks. Later, in July 2016, Dr. Abed started his new career at GoPro as an image quality engineer. Image quality measurement, metric development, optimization, and automation are primary responsibilities in his job at GoPro.

  • Rudy Berger

    Managing Partner Woodside Capital Partners

    Rudy is the Managing Partner of Woodside Capital Partners, a technology specialist M&A advisory firm, and is a leading expert on M&A transactions within the digital media technologies sector.  Prior to founding Woodside Capital Partners, Rudy was the founding CEO of the MIT Media Lab Europe, a joint venture between MIT and the Irish government.  For over 25 years, Rudy Burger has worked with computer vision, digital imaging and embedded camera technologies as a founder, operating executive and advisor. He has developed both a deep technical expertise and an awareness of market opportunity dynamics in these sectors that he leverages to guide his clients towards strategic successes. He currently focuses on ADAS, consumer electronic and security applications of imaging technology and has written several industry research reports to profile the leading and emerging technologies and outline the market landscape.  Rudy has founded five technology companies in the U.S., run a European public company, and served as a senior executive for two global 500 companies.  Rudy serves on the boards of Seeing Machines plc (AIM:SEE), a UK listed company in the driver monitoring market. Rudy has a BSc and MSc from Yale University and a PhD from Cambridge University. 

  • Gaozhan Cai

    Design team leader, focusing on designing custom CMOS image sensors Caeleste

    Gaozhan Cai born in Hubei, China on Sept 10th, 1987. He received B.S degree in Microelectronics from Xidian University, Xi’an, China in 2011, and M.Sc degree (cum laude) in electrical engineering from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium in 2013. His master thesis focused on reconfigurable lowpass/bandpass delta-sigma modulator for wireless communications. After graduation, he joined Caeleste CVBA, Mechelen, Belgium where he is currently a design team leader since December 2016, focusing on designing custom CMOS image sensors.

  • Dr. Simon Che’Rose

    Head of Engineering FRAMOS

    Dr. Simon Che’Rose has more than 11 years of experience in the imaging industry. He has a master’s in physics and completed a doctorate on high-temperature superconductivity and magneto-optics at the University of Augsburg. Dr. Simon Che’Rose has been very involved in research projects on both a national and international level including on 3D ultrasounds through optical tracking and automated measurement of product dimensions. During his time at FRAMOS, Dr. Simon Che’Rose built up the technical support team and started FRAMOS engineering services. He is now Head of Engineering and responsible for all FRAMOS research and development activities.


  • Brian Goldstein

    Sr. Staff Engineer in Sensor Design Engineering in the Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing Division Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Brian Goldstein is a Sr. Staff Engineer in Sensor Design Engineering in the Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Brian received the B.S. degree in Computer/Systems Engineering and Computer Science from RPI (2006), and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Yale University (2011, 2013).  Brian has research interests in all aspects of hardware and software, particularly low-noise analog mixed-signal circuits for biomedical applications such as patch-clamp amplifiers and nano pore sensors, circuits and systems for DNA sequencing, as well as FPGAs, algorithms, and automation.  Brian is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society.

  • Dr. Evgeni Gousev

    Senior Director Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

    Dr. Evgeni Gousev is a Senior Director in Qualcomm Research.  He manages a HW R&D team in the Silicon Valley Center and leads a project on always-on computer vision module.  He has been with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. since 2005 after joining from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center where he led several projects in the field of advanced silicon technologies. Evgeni holds a M.S. degree in Applied Physics and a Ph.D. in Solid-State Physics. He has co-edited 21 books and published more than 150 papers and is an inventor on more than 60 issued and filed patents.

  • Rich Hicks

    Senior Camera and Imaging Technologist Intel, Global Supply Management

    Rich has been active in the fields of video, graphics and imaging for more than 25 years.  He started his career in the defense industry developing camera and display systems for military aircraft.  Rich also worked in automotive industry bringing wide dynamic range imagers and cameras to active safety systems including night vision systems at Daimler and Forward Collision Warning and Mitigation systems at Volvo.  More recently, Rich has been working on bringing new camera and imaging technologies to Intel’s platforms.

  • Scott Johnson

    Director of Technology Business Alignment ON Semiconductor

    Richard (Scott) Johnson  has  worked for ON Semiconductor (formerly Aptina and Micron Imaging) from 2003 to present (2017) holding multiple positions ranging from Optoelectronic Characterization Engineer to the present position of Director of Technology Business Alignment.  He has a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from the University of Idaho, graduating in 2003.  Scott has 18 issued and 10 pending patents related to CMOS Image Sensors.

  • Dr. Zhenhua Lai

    Imaging Optics System Engineer Motorola Mobility

    Dr. Zhenhua Lai joined Motorola in Chicago in 2015 as an Imaging Optics System Engineer. He works on developing cell phone cameras, and currently leads the development of sensor characterization methodology. He has also worked on optics, time-of-flight (ToF) sensors, automated analysis and test tools. He has a M.S. in Physics from Syracuse University, NY, and obtained his Ph.D. from Northeastern University, Boston. During his Ph.D. study he worked on high-resolution imaging devices and published 12 scientific papers, has 4 patents issued, 1 patent pending, and presented 7 talks at international conferences.

  • Arye Lipman

    Strategic Alliances Manager imec

    Mr. Lipman is a Strategic Alliances Manager at imec, a Belgian nanoelectronics R&D institute. Prior to joining imec, he worked as a consultant, most recently for inVentiv Health, covering technology development and commercialization, with a focus on medical devices and imaging. He previously worked for several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. He currently serves as a business advisor for technology start-ups and accelerator programs in Southern California. Mr. Lipman holds degrees in Molecular Biology and Immunology from UCLA, and is based in Los Angeles.

  • Zoran Ninkov

    Professor in the Center for Imaging Science (CIS) Rochester Institute of Technology

    Zoran Ninkov is a professor in the Center for Imaging Science (CIS) at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He completed his BSc in Physics at the University of Western Australia, MS in Chemistry at Monash University, and his PhD in Astronomy at the University of British Columbia.

    He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Rochester working on infrared detector array for the Spitzer Space Telescope. His research interests are in detectors and instrumentation.

  • Dr. Tomoko Ohtsuki

    Product Line Manager Lumentum

    Dr. Tomoko Ohtsuki is the Product Line Manager at Lumentum responsible for diode lasers for automotive 3DS and industrial laser applications. Prior to joining Lumentum, she was a Marketing Manager and R&D Manager with a broad background in lasers, optics and material science at Lucent Technologies for the telecommunications market, and at Nikon in the area of laser applications for semiconductor lithography. She was responsible for the technical marketing of several innovative products.

  • Abhay Rai

    Director of Product Marketing Sony Electronics

    Abhay Rai is Director of Product Marketing and innovation and works at Automotive Innovation center of Sony Electronics San Jose CA.

    Abhay has extensive experience in automotive sensing and systems. Abhay started his career as analog design architect, designing low power, low noise human interface sensors that touch millions of hands every day. Abhay has worked in 5 different countries and managed many design and system teams.

    Abhay received MSEE from Colorado State University and Executive MBA from University of California at Berkeley, Haas School of business.

  • Patrick Robert

    Electronic Design Manager ULIS

    Patrick ROBERT received an engineering degree in microelectronics from the CUEFA-ENSERG de Grenoble, France, in 1988. He was with Thomson-EFCIS in the analog design of telecommunication circuits for 5 years, after which he joined Dolphin Integration for ADC design, for 6 years.  Since 1999, he has been involved with infrared readout circuits design (ROIC) at SOFRADIR and ULIS, Grenoble, France. He is now in charge of the ROIC designer’s team of ULIS. 

  • Patrice Roulet Fontani

    Vice President,Technology and Co-Founder ImmerVision

    Based in Canada, Patrice heads ImmerVision’s engineering as well as, contributes to IP growth and the adoption of ImmerVision’s 360° panomorph technology by global corporations.

    Recently, he has led the miniaturisation of the panomorph 360° technology for smartphones, tablets, wearables and IoT devices. Patrice has lead the integration of 360⁰ imaging technology in consumer electronics, surveillance, automotive, aerospace, medical and broadcast products.

    Back in 2000 in France, after completing his Master’s degree in image processing and computer graphics, Patrice joined the INRIA and contributed to their research in robotic surgery simulation field. In parallel, he co-founded ImmerVision, a company dedicated to 360° optics and imaging technology. With his conviction that 360° technology could be applied everywhere, he contributed to the development of 360° panomorph optical and imaging technology.\

    Beyond technology, Patrice believes that innovation is propelled by human beings, partnerships and alliances - he has collaborated with a large ecosystem of partners in the optics industry like Fujifilm, CBC Computar, Tamron and Kolen, and in the silicon industry like Marvel, Intel, Qualcomm, Sony, Samsung, HiSilicon, NXP and OmniVision.

    In addition, Patrice is an avid surfer, international traveler and always seeks to make new connections.

  • DR. Gal Shabtay

    General Manager, VP R&D Corephotonics

    Gal Shabtay holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and an Executive MBA from Kellogg-Recanati, Northwestern University. Previously, Gal co-founded and served as VP R&D of Eyesquad, becoming VP R&D of Tessera’s Optical Image Enhancement group after the company was acquired by Tessera. Prior to that, Gal was CTO of Civcom (acquired by Padtec). As part of his Israeli Defense Force service, Gal led R&D teams in the Intelligence Corps. Gal is a creator and developer of computational photography and imaging technologies for the consumer electronics market, which are embedded in over 100 million mobile phones. With over 15 years of global experience in imaging, optics and telecommunications, Gal is an inventor of 25 patents and has authored 35 scientific papers. Gal brings not only extensive experience in creating and managing multi-disciplinary, high-talent R&D teams, but also a successful track record with tier 1 partners and is considered by some of them to be an imaging guru.

  • Dave Shafer

    Managing Fellow Intuitive Surgical

    Dr. Shafer is a Managing Fellow at Intuitive Surgical, a global technology leader in robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. Since joining in 2006, Shafer has focused on engineering and R&D efforts for the company’s flagship product, the da Vinci® Surgical System. At Intuitive Surgical, he is amazed at the creativity that engineers display in working to develop innovative products, and thrives in the intersection of semiconductor devices, optics and economics that makes up the image sensor industry. Before tinkering with medical devices, Shafer was in consumer product design for the then emerging LCD panel and TV market, but initially got his start in the world of industrial controls in 1980.

    Dr. Shafer received his bachelor’s degree in Physics from the California Institute of Technology, and master’s degree and doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and still views himself as a recovering physicist.

  • Yair Siegel

    Director of Strategic Marketing CEVA

    Yair has been in the technology business with focus on Digital Signal Processors and SoCs for over 20 years. Currently serves as Director of Strategic Marketing, covering Bizdev, OEMs and partnerships tackling audio, voice, deep learning and computer vision. Prior to that served as various roles in product marketing and field applications since 2005.

    Mr. Siegel has worked with CEVA / Licensing Division of DSP Group since 1997 serving in various R&D engineering and managing positions within the Software Development Tools group. Mr. Siegel holds a BSc degree in Computer Science and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as a MBA and a MA in Economics from Tel-Aviv University.

  • Dmitry V. Shmunk

    CTO Almalence Inc

    Dmitry V. Shmunk received the M.S. degree in physics in 1998 from Novosibirsk State University. From 1998 till 2004 he was with QDesign Corp. and from 2004 till 2011 he was with DTS Inc, where he was involved in research and development of innovative audio processing algorithms. He is currently CTO of Almalence Inc. His research interests include Computational Photography, Digital Image Processing, Audio Processing. IEEE member.

  • Dr. Bill Wang

    President CMOS Sensor Inc

    Dr. Wang has been involved in the image sensor development and business for more than 30 years.  After graduated from University of Florida, he worked for EG&G Reticon in 1984.  At that time, he was concentrated on the image sensor development for scientific and military applications.  The technology consists of VNIR CCD, PtSi IRFPA and CMOS Sensor technology.  Since 1990, he was emphasized on the image sensor development and business for industry, consumer and space applications.  The technology is extended to Contact Image Sensor (CIS), wide aperture CMOS sensor, large format CMOS Sensor and space qualified CMOS sensor.  He is president of the CMOS Sensor Inc since 1998.  Dr. Wang is the co-founder of 3 companies and 2 of them went to IPO.  Dr Wang owns more than 12 patent and more than 40 papers published.

  • Takashi Watanabe

    Developer of log-type imagers and range image sensors Brookman Technology, Inc.

    Takashi Watanabe received the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, in 1974, 1976 and 2000, respectively. He joined Sharp Corporation, Osaka, in 1976. From 1976, he worked to develop CCD signal processing ICs, linear image sensors for facsimile and area image sensors for video cameras. From 1995, he led to develop CMOS image sensors and was concerned with world first mass application to mobile phones in 2000. He was also involved in developing log-type imagers and range image sensors. Since December 2007, he has been with Brookman Technology, Inc., Hamamatsu, Japan. Since April 2011, he is a Visiting Professor with the Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University.