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UTAC is a leading independent provider of assembly and test services (outsourced semiconductor assembly and test; OSAT) for semiconductor devices with diverse end-use applications such as communications, consumer, computing, automotive, security (smart card modules and secure elements), industrial and medical.  We integrate our service offerings to provide full-turnkey manufacturing solutions, including wafer probe, wafer-level processing, package assembly, test, pre-personalization of security products (black-box encryption) and direct shipment.  UTAC also provides a complete suite of engineering services inclusive of package design, reliability and failure analysis and test development.

UTAC offers a full range of semiconductor assembly and test services in the following product categories: analog, mixed-signal, logic, memory and sensors.  Our customers comprise of fabless companies, integrated device manufacturers, and wafer foundries.  UTAC is headquartered in Singapore, with ten production facilities located in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.  UTAC is ranked 6th in the top ten OSAT companies, was founded in 1997 and grew through merger and acquisition and organically through research and development of new technology.  Originating in Singapore as a prominent advanced test services supplier, UTAC has evolved into a leading supplier of key package assembly technologies including MEMS, CMOS image sensor, security modules, and wide range of QFN for consumer, industrial and automotive.  While significant focus has been placed on development and growth of package assembly, UTAC has remained committed to being a world class leader in advanced test with an annual revenue comprising of more than 30% of total the revenue.