Exclusive content from technical experts including:

  • Dr. Markus Adameck

    General Manager Development Panasonic Industrial Europe GmbH

    Markus Adameck is General Manager at Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe since 2014. Panasonic is one of the worldwide leader in automotive Camera Systems. He supports the European Panasonic Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Business and is in charge for Customer Project Management and Development.

    Markus has around 20 years’ experience in Development of ADAS Camera Systems supporting Object Recognition and Classification. He introduced first Single-Chip CMOS camera into automotive. In his professional career he was working for several Tier1 suppliers like Hella (2002), Magna Electronics (2006), and Continental (2012). Markus received his Physics Diploma in “Nonlinear Optics” and his PHD for the Development of “High Speed 3D Camera Scannig Systems” in Hamburg Germany.

  • Dr Vikram Appia

    Project Lead, Perception & Analytics Lab Texas Instruments

    Vikram Appia works as a project lead in the Perception and Analytics R&D labs at Texas Instruments, Dallas, USA. He works in the field of computer vision and image processing with a special focus on multi-camera and multi-modal sensor fusion systems in applications targeted towards automotive, industrial, robotics. He has published over 20 articles and holds several U.S. patents. He was recognized as one of five Modern Day Jacks for 2015 for his work at Texas Instruments.

    Prior to working at Texas Instruments, he received his M.S. and PhD. at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) in 2008 and 2012, respectively. He received his B.E. in Electronics and Communications from Nirma Institute of Technology (Ahmedabad, India) in 2006.”

  • Dr Jens Benndorf

    COO, Managing Director DreamChip Technologies GmbH

    Jens Benndorf has a PhD. from Moscow University (1991) where he researched DSP technologies for use in high speed voice modems. Jens’ passion for DSPs continued within international blue chip companies including Alcatel, BridgeCo, SciWorx and Silicon Image. He built and led teams developing products for early DSL and complex imaging applications.

    In 2010 Jens cofounded DreamChip Technologies GmbH and now leads the company in his role as MD and COO. DreamChip specialises in system on chip designs for imaging applications.

    The company is based in Hannover, Germany and is a member of the Silicon Saxony network.


  • Raul Bravo

    CEO Dibotics

    Raul Bravo, CEO co-founder of Dibotics, creator of the Augmented LiDAR technology. 

    Raul is a serial entrepreneur & start-up coach, with an extensive 15 years background in both bootstrapped & VC-backed start-up creation and growth. 

    Engineer from UPC (Barcelona, Spain) with an MBA from College des Ingénieurs (Paris, France), he’s filed 10 patents and obtained 27 different awards for his engineering and entrepreneur career, among them the «MIT Technology Review – Top 10 Innovators Under 35».  

  • Cyril Cordoba

    Global ADAS Solution Group Renesas Electronics Corporation

    For the last 12 years, Cyril Cordoba has been working in the field of ADAS and embedded computer vision DSP at Renesas. Cyril started his career as Field Application Engineer on vector processors (SIMD) and many core architectures, supporting customer implementation of various computer vision algorithms on target hardware. He then moved to technical marketing with the mission to drive the Renesas strategy in the ADAS & automated drive market & define the required product lines to be successful in the market.

  • Bharanidhar Duraisamy

    Development Engineer – Radar, Sensor Fusion Expert Daimler

    Bharanidhar Duraisamy has started as a M.Sc. Robotics and Automation student with Daimler AG’s research and development department. After completion of his Doctoral tenure in the area of automotive multi-level sensor fusion based on several active and passive environment perception sensors, multi-sensor data association designed for state estimation and signal processing designed for automotive intelligent vehicular applications. At present he is working as a research and development engineer focused on target tracking and fusion activities in the team specializes in various level of signal processing work related to automotive Radar.

  • Claude Florin

    CEO Fastree3D SA

    CEO and founder of Fastree3D developing laser ranging sensors for automotive safety and autonomous vehicles. He has been a co-founder of 3-startups and managed investments in over 12 early-stage ventures. His previous industry career lead to successful product launches based on video, imaging and signal processing software.     


     - 2013-  Fastree3D : prototype CMOS single photon detector arrays with system-on chip Lidar. Technology transfer from 3 Universities with 3.3 M CHF venture financing and grants.  
     - 2008-  Venture Concept :  investor in 40 startups including  Lemoptix (Head-up displays), Ukko (IOT / V2X), Green motion (EV charging ). Partner at Polytech Ventures, President A3 Angels,  Expert at Swiss CTI,  and EC risk finance.  
     - 1996-  HP Communications :  innovation,  M&A and ventures  on video, VoIP (Pipebeach , Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco,  15 telecom providers)  
     - 1989- HP Medical / Philips : 7 EU R&D project,  digital radiology (PACS), multi-media patient care systems, CEN TC251 medical communications.   

    Education: MSc. Electrical Engineering EPFL, Executive education:  IMD, MIT Sloane and Harvard Business School   

    Honours inlcude: 300 most influential persons in Switzerland (Bilan Magazine) , 100 start-up experts (Handelszeitung). Winner: European Photonics Venture Summit 2016, SPIE Photonics Europe 2016, European Venture Summit 2016, Semifinalist SPIE Photonics West 2017.  

  • Ophir Herbst

    CEO Jungo Connectivity Ltd.

    Ophir Hebrst is a World-class serial entrepreneur, with near 20 years of operational and technology-driven experience. He is CEO and founder of Jungo Connectivity, spin-off from Cisco, developing ground-breaking computer-vision automotive driver monitoring product. Before that he was GM at Jungo (acquired by NDS $107m); Executive at NDS (acquired by Cisco, $5b).

    Prior to his time at Jungo, Mr Herbst was Founder and CEO of Mathtools, specializing in MATLAB compilers and related technologies (acquired by MathWorks).

    He has a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering (cumma sum laude) from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. As well as his professional experience, Ophir Herbst is also a World-class Bridge player, holding international wins, often representing Israel in international competitions

  • Dr Carl Jackson

    CTO and Founder SensL

    Carl Jackson is founder and CTO and VP of Engineering of SensL. Carl holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Clemson University (USA) and a Ph.D. from the National University of Ireland, Cork in Microelectronics. His doctoral research work was carried out at the Tyndall National Institute and focused on the development of the core CMOS-compatible, low-light sensor which SensL has commercialized. Carl has over 50 publications and patents in the area of low-light sensors and he is a recognized leader in the area of solid-state silicon photomultipliers and photon-counting technology.

  • Marco Jacobs

    VP of Marketing Videantis

    Marco Jacobs, VP of Marketing at videantis, has over 15 years of experience in the semiconductor IP industry and multimedia applications. At videantis, he is responsible for corporate and technical marketing and works with key semiconductor manufacturers to bring novel, higher-quality video and vision applications to their customers.

    Prior to joining videantis, Marco was VP of Marketing at Vector Fabrics, Director of Multimedia Marketing at ARC (now Synopsys), held management positions at Silicon Hive (acquired by Intel), and was a software architect at Philips. Marco studied computer science at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He holds 7 issued patents.

  • Jean-Luc Jaffard

    VP Sensor Engineering and Operations Chronocam

    Jean-Luc Jaffard is  VP Sensor Engineering and Operations at Chronocam. Chronocam were recently awarded 'Best Up-and-Coming Company' at the 2017 Image Sensors Europe Awards.  

  • Akhilesh Kona

    Senior Analyst, Automotive Electronics & Semiconductor IHS Markit Technology

    Akhilesh Kona covers the area of automotive semiconductors and sensors with a focus on autonomous cars, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and body electronics. He is primarily responsible for market research on sensors and semiconductors content including various technology trends and architectural developments in the field of autonomous cars. Before joining IHS, Akhilesh worked in the automotive semiconductor industry at Freescale and also on embedded systems for industrial automation at CMC Limited. Akhilesh has a Master's degree graduate in Electrical Engineering from Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

  • Dr Frédéric Large

    Research and Advanced Engineering Department, Vision Systems and ADAS Applications PSA Group

    Dr Frédéric Large has investigated “intelligent” vehicles and vision systems since more than 10 years at PSA Group.

    In 2004, he joined the research division to transfer technology on these subjects between laboratories and the industry. In 2008, he joined the advanced engineering division where he leads vision-based ADAS innovation projects. He also contributes to ISO international experts groups as a specialist in environment detection technologies (with a focus on vision systems by cameras). With more than 15 patents, he won the prize of Inventor of the Year in 2013, while the PSA group is the 1st patent holder in France since the last 8 years.

    Dr Frédéric Large obtained his Engineering Degree in Artificial Intelligence in 1998, his Master Degree in Cooperative Systems the same year, and his PhD in Autonomous Mobile Robots in 2003. He started studying the intelligent vehicles during his thesis at INRIA (French National Research Institute in Informatics and Automatics).

  • Dr HDR Christian Laugier

    First Class Research Director Inria

    Dr Christian Laugier is first class Research Director at Inria and Scientific Advisor for Probayes SA. His current research interests mainly lie in the areas of Autonomous Vehicles, Embedded Perception & Decision-making and Bayesian Reasoning. He is a member of several international scientific committees such as the Advisory / Steering Committee of IEEE/RSJ IROS, the Steering Committees of IEEE ARSO, or the Steering Committee of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicle. He also serves in the Editorial Boards of several scientific journals such as IEEE Robomech or IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicle. Since 2004, he is co-chair of the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on “Autonomous Ground Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems”, which has been awarded twice (in 2006 and 2012).

    Christian Laugier organized or co-organized numerous IEEE workshops and several major conferences in the field of Robotics. He was for instance General Chair, Program Chair or Program coChair of the IEEE international conferences IROS’97, IROS’00, IROS’08, IROS’10, IROS’12, IV’06, FSR’07 and ARSO’15; he is also Program co-Chair and General co-Chair for IROS’18 and IROS’19 respectively.

    He also co-edited several books and special issues in high impact Robotics or ITS journals such as IJRR, JFR, RAM, T-ITS or ITSM. He also contributed to the edition and the publications of the Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles and of the Handbook of Robotics 2nd edition.

    He recently brought recognized scientific contributions and patented innovations to the field of Bayesian Perception & Decision-making for Autonomous Robots and Intelligent Vehicles. He is IROS Fellow and he is the recipient of several IEEE and conferences awards in the fields of Robotics and Intelligent Vehicles, including the IEEE/RSJ Harashima award 2012 and the IROS Distinguished Service Award 2016.  In addition, Christian Laugier has co-founded four start-up companies in the field of Robotics and he is currently under the process of launching a new start-up company in the field of embedded perception and decision-making for autonomous robots and vehicles. 

  • Dr Stefan Leutenegger

    CTO Slamcore Ltd

    Stefan Leutenegger is a Lecturer (US equivalent Assistant Professor) in robotics at Imperial College London and recently co-founded Slamcore Ltd, where  he has assumed the role of CTO. Stefan's research is centered around autonomous robot navigation: robots need dedicated sensing capabilities as well as algorithms for localisation inside a potentially unknown environment. This includes localisation and mapping with a suite of sensors, most importantly cameras, to be processed efficiently to yield accurate results at real-time. In the past, Stefan has mostly worked with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), in order to allow them to fly autonomously and close to the ground. Stefan's research includes work on image keypoint detection, leading on to BRISK: Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Keypoints, as well as visual-inertial motion tracking and mapping resulting in OKVIS: Open Keyframe-based Visual-Inertial SLAM, both available as open-source software. Stefan received a BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich in 2006, 2008, respectively, and a PhD in 2014, working at the Autonomous Systems Lab of ETH Zurich on Unmanned Solar Airplanes: Design and Algorithms for Efficient and Robust Autonomous Operation.

  • Kristof Lieben

    Senior Applications Engineer Melexis

    Kristof Lieben works as a Senior Applications Engineer for Melexis Technologies’ optical sensor division located in Belgium, Europe. He graduated in 2009 at the University of Hasselt and holds a Master of Engineering degree in Electronics. He started his career as Product Manager for professional audio equipment and in 2011 he joinedMelexis’ core team responsible to prepare, manufacture and improve today’s available Time of Flight technology. Today he’s a key stakeholder for communication with customers and suppliers and his system expertise consistently translates into improved development platforms and new architectural concept designs.

  • Dr Alexis Lluis Gomez

    Director, Image Quality ARM

    Alexis has experience in multiple disciplines in the emerging field of image processing, from academia to commercial R&D. He joined ARM in May 2016 after spending the previous 4 years with Apical, where he was responsible for the R&D of advanced image processing models, computational algorithms and tuning for end-to-end ISP performance. Prior to that he was a researcher at Loughborough University where he studied a PhD in vision, imaging and autonomous systems, and an MSc in computer science.

  • Jason Radisson

    Vice President Nauto

    Jason Radisson is Vice President at Nauto, the Silicon Valley based self-driving car company. He is former Chief Data Officer at Nokia, EVP at Avira, Board Advisor e.g. Otto Group, and most recently General Manager for the State of Nevada at Uber.

  • Ian Riches

    Global Automotive Practice Strategy Analytics

    Ian Riches is a Director in the Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics.  He heads a research team that covers all aspects of embedded automotive electronic systems, semiconductors and sensors on a worldwide basis. 

    His areas of research include powertrain, chassis, safety, security and body applications – including high-growth areas such as hybrid and electric vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.

    With over twenty years of analyst experience, he is one of the foremost industry analysts in the automotive electronics sector.  Ian holds a degree in engineering from Cambridge University, UK.

  • Gregory Roffet

    Camera System Expert STMicroelectronics

    Gregory Roffet joined STMicroelectronics in 2003 and he has started to work on image signal processing and algorithm chain (noise reduction, HDR rendering, demosaicing…) developing the image quality for smartphone products.

    In the last few years, he has moved to camera system specification in order to address automotive market in top of algorithms development and ISP  specification contributing directly at our previous HDR Automotive camera system still under production.

    Gregory is following IEEP2020 automotive working group for HDR image quality specification.

    Gregory is currently Senior Member of Technical staff & Camera System (sensor & ISP) Algorithms Expert. He obtained is engineering degree from ISTASE ( Institut Supérieur des Techniques Avancées de Saint-Etienne) and a Masters in Image processing from ISTASE co-delivered by Mines of Saint Etienne.

  • Alain Servel

    ADAS and ITS Senior Expert Engineer PSA Group

    Alain Servel graduated from the "Institut National des Télécommunications" (Telecom Sud Paris) in 1985.

    Since 1992, Alain Servel has been a Research and Innovation Engineer at PSA Peugeot Citroën, in the area of Advanced Driving Assist and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems with a particular expertise on embedded radars and communicating sensors.

    He has been directly involved in developments of several applications like Distance Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control or Lane Change Assist.

    He has been and is acting in several consortia like Car2Car-CC, in some European or national projects like RESPONSE, ADASE 2, UDC, PREVENT, DRIVE-C2X, ARPOD, SCOREF, RASSUR79, SCOOP@F and in standardization processes like ETSI-ITS or ISO TC204 working groups.

  • Dr Hamma Tadjine

    Senior Project Leader IAV

    Dr. Hadj Hamma Tadjine received his engineer degree, D.E.A (Diplome d’Etude Approfondie), and the Third cycle degree, in Electrical engineering from the technical university of Blida in 1994, 1995 and respectively 1998. In 2004, he received his PhD in Computer science from the technical university of Clausthal Zellerfeld (Germany). From 2000-2004, he was professor assistant at the technical university of Clausthal (Germany).

    From 2004- 2006, he was professor assistant at CUTEC institute GmbH (Germany). From 2006-2008, he was responsible by Hella Aglaia (Germany) for advanced driver assistance systems. From 2008- 2010, he was responsible by IAV GmbH (Germany) for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Park assistance systems.

    Currently, he is responsible by IAV GmbH for technical strategy in the area of integrated safety and driver support. He has a track record of fundamental research on these topics which is documented by numerous publications by IEEE, VDI and SAE. He is the editor and editor in chief of different international journals.

    He is fellow Member of IACSIT (International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology), and SCIEI (Science and Engineering Institute. He is advisory board member by SDIWC (The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications), WSEA (World scientific and Engineering Academy and Society), SAI (Science and Information Organization), and WASET (World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology) and AICIT (The International Association for Information, Culture, Human and Industry Technology). He is Chair, Technical co-chair and Publication chair of different international conferences on computer engineering and computer vision.

  • Igor Tryndin

    Camera Architect NVIDIA

    Igor Tryndin is a principal engineer in imaging technologies, focusing his career on solving the challenge of High Dynamic Range imaging, and overall logging 20+ years of Silicon Valley experience. Currently Igor works in Tegra Camera Software team at NVIDIA. From 2007 to 2011 Igor was a CTO at Unified Color Technologies, a small start-up that developed a suite of HDR photography software, deemed the best by many imaging industry experts. He contributed to core developments of novel HDR color models, HDR image editing algorithms, and HDR image compression techniques. At NVIDIA, Igor is working on a self-driving car project (Autopilot) HDR imaging for human and machine vision applications.

  • Giri Venkat

    Technical Marketing, Automotive and Vision ON Semiconductor

    Giri has been responsible for defining and delivering video processing and analytics solutions across a range of markets from consumer to automotive. He is currently responsible for Image Sensor Technical Marketing for the Automotive Solutions Division of ON Semiconductor. He has been involved with machine vision, graphics and imaging for over 20 years. Giri has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Temple University and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University. 

  • Young-Jun Yoo

    Head of Strategic Planning for R&D Nextchip

    Young-Jun Yoo is in charge of strategic planning for R&D and Sales at Nextchip. He manages all plans that apply to the company’s roadmap both at a technology and product level. He also specifically oversees business development and product marketing for the automotive business (OEM&Tier1) in Europe, America, Japan, China and Korea. Furthermore he is in charge of partnership PJT with global partners, image sensor, SoC, memory and solution/IP provider etc., developing new business models.

    Mr Yoo is highly-experienced having managed overseas sales in a past carrier, as well as fulfilling the role of General Manager of a semiconductors company where he handled image signal processors & de-interlacer for display.

    Young-Jun Yoo has a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering. 

  • Corey Zehfus

    Optical Designer Sunex Inc.

    Corey Zehfus is an Optical Designer at Sunex Inc., who has focused on improving modeling techniques and test standards for lens ghosting and thermal effects.  He is a contributor to the IEEE P2020 working group on Automotive System Image Quality, focusing on component level standards. 

    Corey joined the Sunex team in 2010, initially in a direct customer support role, and transitioning later into the optical design team.  He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Master of Science in Applied Physics in 2010.