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Paul Danini discusses game-changing innovations for image sensors

23 January 2013

Upcoming speaker for IS2013, Paul Danini, TECHNOLOGY & MARKET ANALYST, Imaging Technologies & MEMS Devices speaks with Rob Stead Director of Image Sensors

Q. Please briefly describe your background in digital imaging.

"My background in digital imaging is quite recent. It began 5 years ago when I studied experimental physics in Grenoble, then I specialized in medical imaging at Imperial College London. Prior to working at Yole Développement I was consultant in patent strategy and had the opportunity to see digital imaging from a completely different level. Since 2012 I have worked to develop the imaging expertise at Yole, shifting my interest from IP to marketing & business strategy."

Q.What have you seen as the major technological milestones over the last few years?

"Well from an image sensor point of view, the last major technological milestones was probably the BSI technology and the stacked sensors more recently. If we have a look at a global picture, many major innovations also occurred at camera module level: wafer-level-autofocus, OIS, wafer-level-optics, all these camera components are related because they are all integrated in the same package."

Q. Where do tomorrow's opportunities lie?

"3D imaging/gesture recognition seems to me one of the top growth opportunities. The point is: how to make image sensors central in these emerging applications? How can it become a key enabling product? For the moment, excepted in the Time-of-flight technology, most of the 3D solutions are based on very high performance software processing rather than innovative image sensor."

Q.The opportunity markets have very different drivers - how do you think a CMOS manufacturer should approach new product development to make the most of the opportunities

"In the consumer business, we will see image sensors with more functionalities that improve user experience. I think power consumption reduction is the second driver of the CMOS image sensors, though power consumption has decreased it seems that it is still too high to make continuous use of camera for gesture recognition in mobile applications for example."

Q.Do you see any new game-changing innovations around the next corner, and if so, what are they?

"In the medical market, single photon counting will definitely represent the most exiting innovation, bringing medical X-ray imaging to the next level with fantastic opportunities to improve cancer diagnostic.
In the consumer business the 3D stacked architecture will deeply change the industry similarly to the Backside Illumination technology which already represent more than 25% of total CMOS image sensor revenue. In these two cases advanced packaging technologies are keys to overcome the technological challenges."

Q. Finally, we are pleased to have you on board for the conference this year, what are you hoping to gain from the event?

"I am looking forward to meet the participants of Image Sensor 2013 again and attend all the presentations of the other speakers. For people who follow the image sensor industry but who are not technologist like me, the Image Sensors conference is a good opportunity to get a taster of what 2013 will bring."

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