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60 Second Interview with May Mobility

Steve Vozar, Co-Founder and CTO of May Mobility is set to present at IS Auto Europe 2019 in Berlin.We caught up with him ahead of the conference to talk more about his presentation, industry challenges and more. 

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You are going to talk about deploying autonomous vehicles in urban environments– what
are some of the points that you are going to explore?

I will be talking about the road that May took to get from founding to deployment in just over a year, and how our unique, targeted strategy enables us to bring self-driving transportation to everyday people faster than companies with bigger checkbooks and more staff.

What are the biggest challenges facing the industry right now and how to do you think this
conference can address them?

The challenges for full AV echo those of the sensor community: cost, reliability (including safety), and performance. At May Mobility, we’re excited to be working with fantastic partners to be able to address these challenges to bring the benefits of self-driving transportation to communities around the US and eventually around the world. This conference is a chance to get a unique set of perspectives together to discuss market and technical trends, as well as share best practices for safety and reliability.

What do you see as the most significant changes coming up in vision systems development
for automotive in the next 12-24 months?

Sensors are becoming cheaper and more reliable, especially as they push for automotive qualifications, which is exciting from an operational perspective. Additionally, the trend towards integration into vehicle optics and other systems is very promising and will help adoption of AVs as they move from looking like a "science project" to a consumer product.

What are you most looking for to about attending IS Auto Europe 2019?

Networking with Europe's leading sensor players, OEMs and investors.