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Google shares 2 of the biggest challenges facing the industry from an image quality standpoint

Ahead of his presentation,at IS Americas 2016,Smithers Apex recently sat down with Jonathan Phillips,  Staff Image Scientist  at  Google  for  an exclusive Q&A around two of the biggest challenges currently facing the industry from an image quality standpoint, and what attendees can expect to hear from his presentation at this year's IS Americas 2016 conference. 


What are some of the biggest challenges in the industry?

Jonathan: From an image quality standpoint, capturing images at low light continues to be a challenge for not only the image sensor but also the image processing.  Fewer photons means less signal for the hardware, so the software has to do more to generate good images.  Another challenge is the latency and accuracy of autofocus.  Camera users want to capture in-focus memories without having a lag after pushing the shutter button.  With moving objects and camera handshake, this isn't always easy.


What are some of the most exciting innovations in the industry, right now?

Jonathan: The biggest challenges in the industry naturally motivate innovation.  Computational photography is leading the way to increase the image processing capabilities such as continued improvement in combining multiple raw images to render excellent photos under low-light conditions or with exceptional dynamic range.  PDAF (phase detection auto focus) with full-frame dual pixel sensors has really helped improve the speed and accuracy of autofocus performance of camera phones.  And, the downstream applications using images and videos for VR (virtual reality) are just beginning to impact usage which will certainly become ubiquitous.


Why is the Image Sensors Americas conference so important to the industry?

Jonathan: IS Americas brings together technical experts and business leaders from across so many facets of the imaging community--and imaging is very diverse in its applications.  This venue offers focused talks and allows for important dialogues and networking among participants from the long list of companies in attendance.


Why should guests register to hear your presentation?

Jonathan: My talk will be sharing image quality data from a set of various camera phones to demonstrate how the upcoming IEEE P1858 Standard for Camera Phone Image Quality provides a standardized procedure for predicting the image quality impact on consumer photographs.  This CPIQ effort has been in development for many years, so it is exciting for me to debut the results at IS Americas.


What are you most looking forward to at the conference this October?

Jonathan: I have followed the Image Sensors conferences since its inception in 2008, but have never had opportunity to attend.  So, I am excited to finally join in this year.  And, an added bonus is that several close colleagues and graduate school peers are also speakers--it will make for a great conference week!

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