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Interview with Henrik Lind of Volvo Car Corporation

Henrik Lind, Technical Expert from Volvo offers insights into the changes, customer expectations and challenges for IS applications ahead of IS Auto 2016 taking place 26-27 April in Cologne.

Henrik has been working with advanced driver assistance technologies and technology research at Volvo Technological Development since 1997 leading research of sensors and functions. From the year 2001 Henrik became part responsible for the introduction of radar and vision related functions at Volvo Car Corporation with the aim to provide increased safety and comfort for drivers by introducing forward collision warning with emergency brake and adaptive cruise control.

Today, Henrik is the technical expert on remote sensing within Volvo Car Corporation coordinating the task of highly autonomous vehicle sensor integration.

Smithers Apex: How are customer expectations changing for IS applications in cars?

Henrik Lind: Higher resolution and higher sensitivity is always of interest for the customers. Local dynamic tone mapping is also important to off load the processor. I believe we also have a smaller size trend especially for interior applications leading to integrated sensors and lenses

Smithers Apex: What are Volvo’s key interests when looking at IS systems and applications?

Henrik Lind: Safety, convenience and autonomous drive

Smithers Apex: What are the biggest changes that you have seen in image sensors for the automotive sector in the past 12 months?

Henrik Lind: I believe integrated cameras and lenses is the most promising for the packaging of cameras in the compartment.

Smithers Apex: What do you feel will be the biggest challenges to the market in the coming year?

Henrik Lind: The volumes will increase as well as making smaller high performance imagers packages with integrated lens.

Smithers Apex: What are you most looking forward to at the IS Auto Conference in April?

Henrik Lind: Networking

To hear more from Henrik Lind from Volvo Car Corporation  secure your place here to attend IS Auto in Cologne, Germany across the 26-27 April.