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The evolution of functional safety within ADAS

Giri Venkat, Technical Marketing representative from the Automotive and Vision division of ON Semiconductor told us about the developments and future challenges in functional safety for image sensors ahead of his presentation at IS Auto Europe 2017.

You will be presenting on functional safety for image sensors in ADAS and highly automated driving – why is this a key topic for ON Semi?

With the rapid integration of higher levels of automated driving in vehicles, the functional safety of the system becomes a critical factor in the confidence of consumers in the technology. Safety starts at the source, and the image sensor is the primary source of data upon which these automation functions rely to make critical driving decisions. The strength and depth of functional safety support in the image sensor has a direct impact on the safety of the entire system. ON Semiconductor offers the highest levels of functional safety support within its image sensors to enable automated driving systems to spend more cycles on higher level functions and less on ensuring safe operation of the sensor.

What do you see as the most significant changes coming up in vision systems development and their applications within automotive in the next 12-24 months?

The industry is trending towards moving beyond ASIL-B towards ASIL-C and ASIL-D and ON Semiconductor is leading the way in delivering more advanced levels of functional safety in the image sensor. Image sensor vendors as well as other ADAS component suppliers will need to address this direction with products that integrate more advanced ASIL support.

How do you feel that sensor design needs to change to factor in functional safety?

Functional safety must become an integral part of the product development process with sensor designers embracing it at every stage of the development process. Design teams will need to consider the impact of functional safety on their architecture and design, and to develop innovative implementations that advance the state-of-the-art in functional safety.

Where do you feel progress hasn’t been as quick as you had previously anticipated and how is this impacting ON Semi’s plans?

Actually, the industry has been very eager to embrace the need for better safety design and the response from OEMs around ON Semiconductor’s strong ASIL image sensor portfolio has been overwhelmingly positive. ON Semiconductor is responding by providing even greater levels of ASIL support across the entire product line. Our company cultivates a culture of safety that permeates across all levels of the organization and enables us to deliver advanced, innovative products that increase the overall safety of the entire system.

Why do you feel it’s important to be part of IS Auto Europe 2017?

IS Auto Europe is a great opportunity to both educate and learn from colleagues from across the industry. It brings together professionals and thought leaders in automotive image sensing to share ideas that can propel the industry forward.