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Toyota InfoTech Talks Two Major Challenges With Sensors and Automotive Applications  

As a new addition on the Industry Needs panel, Roger Melen, Senior Advisor, Toyota InfoTechology Center, recently spoke to us ahead of this year’s IS Auto Americas conference to discuss what the autonomous industry needs to do to gain consumer trust as well as some of the top challenges for image sensors within automotive applications.

How do you think consumers will respond to fully autonomous vehicles?

Safety and cost are two highly important issues.   Consumers still need considerable convincing the performance is worthy of the price.

Are consumers educated enough to trust autonomous vehicles?

Trust is not easily given since it is earned over time by consistent proof of performance over time.  There is little testing to definitively show whether autonomous vehicles are actually safer in the real world than human drivers. Future testing with good results will be necessary to build the desired trust.

What do you see as the top collective challenges for those working on image sensors for automotive applications?

I think in very high-resolution sensors dynamic range and frame rate performance are slowly improving but much more performance may be required by future vehicles.

Why is this meeting important to those working in the image sensor industry?

Many people are working on automotive imaging systems in Silicon Valley.  This meeting is an important place to meet and greet many fellow workers.

Why have you decided to support this event?

This event addresses roadway imaging which is a very hot and dynamic field with many new automobile models including four or more onboard cameras.

What are you most looking forward to hearing at Image Sensors Americas 2018?

I look forward to hearing the thought audience questions that are common after speakers present on new and hot topics like imaging

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