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What's next for image sensors in automotive applications? | Get your exclusive insight

We spoke to Mark Liu, Industry Analyst - Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics, ahead of his presentation at IS Auto Asia 2019 to get his insights into the future of image sensors in automotive applications, why China is such an important market, the main challenges faced and more. 

Mark, your presentation will look at 'What's next for image sensors in automotive applications', what can we expect to learn from your talk?

I will provide an overview of what will happen for image processing in China in the foreseeable future based on SA’s forecast and discuss the debate between “camera based solution” and “Lidar based solution” in ADAS/Autonomous Driving field. This theme can be further divided into two topics:

  • The evolution of vision camera in  L2/L3 ADAS field: Including the increase of resolution and the rise of multi-camera ADAS
  • The importance of Lidar usage in L4 MaaS field: usage of multiple Lidar to ensure reliable operations.

Why is this research important in the industry at the moment?

Being the largest automotive market both in production and sales in the world, China is believed to have great potential as a market for autonomous vehicles. Despite the heavy investment from local OEMs, Internet giants and start-ups, the way to achieve robust high level autonomy in China still remain unclear. I believe vision processing is one of the most important area to drive the breakthrough in autonomous driving field.

What are the main challenges that the industry is facing and how do you think that this conference can address them?

Like I said, the main challenges is to achieve robust high level autonomy and how can the sensor perception system on vehicle really replace the human eye. IS Auto Asia bring a wide range of speakers from different type of players in perception area, thus it can provide a holistic overview on the progression in these area.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at IS Auto Asia 2019?

For technology related topics: The fusion of multiple sensors;  

For industry related topics: how different players identify and define their role in this emerging horizontal network.

Mark will be presenting as part of the 'Investment and innovation in the Asian market' session, with other presentations in the session including:

  • Outlook in China: What's new in the automotive industry? - Paul Gong, China Auto Analyst, UBS
  • Market and technology trends: An automotive electronics and semiconductor market overview - Antonio Garzón, Senior Analyst Automotive Electronics & Semiconductor, IHS Markit

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