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60 Seconds With OmniVision On The Innovations Of Image Sensors, 2018

August 28, 2018

At Image Sensors Americas 2018, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest capabilities of image sensors and what challenges need to be met in order to improve their precision and performance for various applications.

In order to further discuss the opportunities that exist within the future of CMOS sensors, we reached out to Eiichi Funatsu, Senior Director at OmniVision to discuss sensor innovations and how can IS Americas help address them, and where OmniVision sees both the where innovations and the future of CMOS sensors are heading.

How is OmniVision working towards these innovations and how can IS Americas help address them?

In that, the cameras should have even better vision than human eyes, should be always working, with very low power, and with some intelligence. CMOS Image Sensor technology evolution should contribute to the realization of these features and make the human life more affluent and convenient.


 Your presentation is titled, “Super High Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensors Technologies “ where do you see the future of CMOS sensors heading and what innovations would you like to see?

Our Super High Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor is a good milestone in the process of the evolution. IS Americas is one of the best place to find the matching of technology and future market directions. Contents are the mixture of technology and marketing, focusing on the value of the technologies.

 Audiences are also the mixture of technical and marketing people from various application fields.I am looking forward to having good discussions during the conference.