2018 Image Sensors Americas Speakers

Meet this year's high level experts in the image sensors field, who will be speaking at IS Americas 2018

  • Wade Appelman

    VP of Sales and Marketing SensL Technologies

    Wade joined SensL as VP of Sales and Marketing in January 2011 and is responsible for all customer and marketing activity on a worldwide basis. Wade has led sales and marketing efforts for five venture-backed startups with total exit valuations of $800 million. He launched Sitera (acquired by Vitesse), Zagros (Acquired by Altera), and Lightstorm Networks (Acquired by Broadcom), closing their first customers and most recently was VP of Sales and Marketing for material handling robotic pioneer Harvest Automation.

    Wade has also served as VP of Marketing for two publically traded corporations including Cabletron Systems where he led product marketing for the $1B switch and routing division and Vitesse Semiconductor where he led product marketing and product management for the 500-employee Advanced Networking Products Division. He has a B.S. from Wagner College in New York, NY.

  • Rudy Burger

    Managing Partner Woodside Capital Partners

    Rudy is the Managing Partner of Woodside Capital Partners, a technology specialist M&A advisory firm, and is a leading expert on M&A transactions within the digital media technologies sector.  Prior to founding Woodside Capital Partners, Rudy was the founding CEO of the MIT Media Lab Europe, a joint venture between MIT and the Irish government.  For over 25 years, Rudy Burger has worked with computer vision, digital imaging and embedded camera technologies as a founder, operating executive and advisor. He has developed both a deep technical expertise and an awareness of market opportunity dynamics in these sectors that he leverages to guide his clients towards strategic successes. He currently focuses on ADAS, consumer electronic and security applications of imaging technology and has written several industry research reports to profile the leading and emerging technologies and outline the market landscape.  Rudy has founded five technology companies in the U.S., run a European public company, and served as a senior executive for two global 500 companies.  Rudy serves on the boards of Seeing Machines plc (AIM:SEE), a UK listed company in the driver monitoring market. Rudy has a BSc and MSc from Yale University and a PhD from Cambridge University. 

  • Benoit Dupont

    Head of Business Development Pyxalis

    Benoit Dupont received his PhD in physics from the University of Paris XI in 2008 and an IC design engineering degree from Montpellier University in 2002. He worked as digital camera engineer and CMOS image sensor designer at FillFactory and Cypress Semiconductor until 2005. He made his PhD research with the LETI and ULIS in Grenoble, France, in the field of infrared image sensors. He was design leader and business developer at Caeleste until 2015 when he joined Pyxalis as head of Business Development where he is responsible for new projects definitions

  • Dr. Martin H. Ettenberg

    President Princeton Infrared Technologies

    Dr. Ettenberg is the founder and President of Princeton Infrared Technologies (PIRT).  He has been developing InGaAs imaging detectors for over 20 years with five of them at PIRT and 14 of them at Sensors Unlimited, Inc. (SUI, now a subsidiary of United Technologies Aerospace Systems).  He joined SUI in August of 1997 and was the PI on several SBIR, DoD, and commercial programs.  He led the development of the first night-vision-capable InGaAs camera which was later commercialized as the SU320MX. His DARPA work lead to his nomination in 2005 for the DARPA Significant Achievement Award.  He also established the SWIR technologies session at SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing show 10 years ago and became its first chairperson.  In 2014 he founded Princeton Infrared Technologies to build low cost high performance SWIR imagers for commercial applications.  In just 4 years he has developed a small dedicated team who has assembled 4 commercial products.  Two of those products have won awards for best new product from Vision Systems Design. 

    Dr. Ettenberg graduated with Masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Virginia Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering. He previously received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University.

  • Dr. Amos Fenigstein

    Senior Director of R&D for Image Sensors TowerJazz

    Dr. Amos Fenigstein is a senior director of R&D for image sensors in TowerJazz since 2005. During these years Amos’ team developed wide range of CIS pixel technologies, ranging from high end cameras and industrial fast global shutter sensors, to large X-ray sensor and SPAD devices. Amos has been with Tower since 2001 starting as device engineering managers. Before joining Tower, Amos managed a failure analysis team in Intel for its flip chip technology in the years 1998 – 2001.  Prior to working in Intel, Amos worked for SCD company on the state-of-the-art MCT far infrared image sensors till 1998. Amos  received his B.Sc.,  M.Sc. and D.Sc. from the electrical engineering department of the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology (D.Sc. in 1995 on Quantum Well IR sensors),  where he lectures on CMOS and CIS technology to these days.

  • Kenneth Funes Mora

    CEO and Co-founder Eyeware

    Kenneth Funes Mora is the CEO and Co-founder of Eyeware, Swiss startup developing 3D eye tracking software. He obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2015, while being a research assistant at the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland. During his PhD he developed techniques for 3D eye-gaze estimation using consumer RGB-D sensors. He is the author of 10 papers in international journals and conferences, and 2 filed patents, and has won multiple awards and competitions in both academic and entrepreneurial settings. At Eyeware, Kenneth holds the role of CEO, managing the team and the company strategy, pushing forward Eyeware’s vision to humanize machine interaction through attention sensing.

  • Vitaliy Goncharuk

    CEO/Founder Augmented Pixels

    Vitaliy Goncharuk is a tech entrepreneur. In 2011 he established  Augmented Pixels, Inc., based in Palo Alto, California, which provides software for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for augmented reality and autonomous navigation. His education and experience is in applied math and business administration. Vitaliy is also an investor in several computer vision and machine learning startups and a founder of the largest computer vision conference in Eastern Europe.

  • Anders Grunnet-Jepsen

    CTO of RealSense Group Intel

    Anders currently works for Intel as the CTO for the RealSense Group working on computer vision, tracking system, and 3D cameras. Anders has an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, and a Ph.D. in Optical Engineering from Oxford University. He has worked at NKT Research Center, Thomson CSF, and the University of California, San Diego.  He was acting CTO at Templex Technology when acquired by Intel in 2001. At Intel he worked on Optical Integrated Circuits and on LCOS displays. In 2004 Anders became cofounder and CTO of ThinkOptics, which licensed its tracking technology to Nintendo.

  • Bert Gyselinckx

    Vice President & General Manager Imec

    Bert Gyselinckx is a pioneer by birth and electrical engineer by training. Together with
    his teams, he has developed Wi-Fi systems, smart watches, health patches and brain
    monitors of diverse ingenuity. The technologies he has co-invented are deployed by
    innovative semiconductor and consumer electronics companies and start-ups he helped
    establish: Lifesense (incontinence management), Bloom Technologies (pregnancy
    monitoring), and Septentrio (satellietje navigation).

    Bert has been with imec for over 20 years and is currently serving as vice president and
    managing director of imec USA – a nanoelectronics design center for photonics and
    high-speed electronics, located in Kissimmee, Florida. Imec USA focuses on non-visible
    imaging systems including THz, LIDAR, and mm-wave imaging systems.

  • Dr. Jiaju Ma

    CTO Gigajot

    Dr. Jiaju Ma received his Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences in 2017 from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. In 2018, he received Charles F. and Ruth D. Goodrich Prize from Thayer School of Engineering in recognition of his outstanding academic achievements. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Gigajot Technology Inc. During his Ph.D. research at Dartmouth College, he worked with Dr. Eric Fossum on the implementation of the next-generation image sensor, Quanta Image Sensor. He is the co-inventor of multiple core innovations related to the photon-counting pixel devices. He was the designer of the CMOS compatible pixel devices which demonstrated accurate photon-counting capability at room temperature without the use of avalanche gain. He has published over 20 technical publications and filed more than 5 patent applications.

  • Scott Metzler

    Western Regional Manager PCO Tech

    Scott Metzler, Ph.D. and PCO share a passion for science and the vision to facilitate research by providing outstanding camera technology and technical expertise.

    Scott holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, a postdoc from Stanford School of Medicine, and co-founded a biotech start-up with his Certificate of Innovation from Stanford Business School. He has spent the last four years working for Photometrics and QImaging in a Direct Sales role for North America and PCO as the Regional Manager for the Western USA.

  • Peter Milford

    CTO EyeFluence

    Peter Milford, PhD. CTO Eyefluence Inc.  Eyefluence transforms intent into action through your eyes. Originally from Australia, Peter holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Queensland and has over 20 years industry experience. He worked for 5 years at Stanford on a satellite based Solar observing experiment - observing a ‘large spherical object’. Peter has been working with Eyefluence Inc. since it’s founding and is CTO/VP Engineering overseeing a strong multi-disciplinary team in developing wearable eye interaction technology. He now looks at ‘small spherical’ objects.

    When Peter is not leading technology development at Eyefluence, he enjoys traveling and skiing.

  • Ron Mueller

    CEO of Vision Markets Associate Consultant of Smithers Apex

    After several executive positions in B2B Sales and Marketing, Dr.-Ing. Ronald Mueller founded Vision Markets in 2014 with the mission to support companies to grow in the Imaging field. Quickly, Vision Markets became the leading Marketing and Management Consulting Company dedicated to the global Machine Vision industry. With a team of currently 8 co-workers Vision Markets has already supported over 55 SMEs as well as multi-billion dollar companies from Tokyo to Vancouver. The quality of the offerings derives from the technical know-how of imaging technologies, the market expertise built since 2002, and the executive management experience of its consultants. On this basis, Vision Markets enables its clients to grow with strategic consulting services in Marketing, Sales, Product Management, and Corporate Acquisitions. Operational outsourcing services like recruiting, public relations management, writing of marketing content, and digital marketing are complementing the portfolio. Furthermore, Ronald is member of several Machine Vision innovation award juries.

  • Richard Neumann

    CEO Sub2R

    Richard Neumann is the co-founder of SUB2r, a self-funded hardware startup that has produced the first open architecture consumer camera.  SUB2r is a spin off 2r1y a company he also co-founded to produce high density high speed 3D imaging.  Prior to 2r1y, Richard was one of the original 4 co-founders of TriLumina a VCSEL laser company.  And, before that his industry experience has ranged from custom LSICs, armored tracked vehicles, industrial lasers and main frame computers to the second largest dairy cooperative in California.

    Richard has a love for story telling from live stage to film and novels.  He has combined this with his love of bleeding edge technology.  He attributes this to being the son of a rocket scientist and an accomplished ballerina and Hollywood film actress.  He lives by the quote by Jean Cocteau, “Film will only became an art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper.”

  • Dr. Shouleh Nikzad

    Senior Research Scientist NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Dr. Shouleh Nikzad is a Senior Research Scientist, a Principal Member of the Staff, and technical supervisor for the Advanced Detector Arrays, Systems, and Nanoscience Group. Shouleh holds visiting appointments at Caltech’s Physics Math, and Astronomy Division and at Cedar Sinai Medical Center’s Neurosurgery Department. Dr. Nikzad’s research interests span a wide range including materials, detectors, and applications in planetary sciences, astrophysics, space weather, and medicine.

    One of Shouleh’s passions is extending the application of space technology into medicine. Her work on single photon counting UV detectors has produced world record sensitivity that enables future NASA missions in mapping of the intergalactic medium, primitive bodies studies, and Europa atmosphere. Along with her team, she received the 2014 NASA Honor Award – Group Achievement Award.

    She is a fellow of the American Physical Society and a Senior Member of the IEEE. She is a founding member of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), recipient of its 2013 Pioneer in Medicine Award (technology and leadership), and is serving as the 2014-2015 president of the SBMT

  • Semyon Nisenzon

    CEO Cluster Imaging

    Semyon Nisenzon is a Leader, Advanced Technologist, Innovator and Entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience bringing novel, high performance, ground breaking technologies to market. With a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Principal Architect and Management roles in innovative Graphics, Video and Imaging companies, Dr. Nisenzon has introduced some of the most advanced and highest-performance hardware and software products, in technologies as diverse as geometric modeling, ray-tracing, advanced video processing and computational photography, to a wide variety of market, from industrial to mobile. He is a specialist in development of innovative algorithms, algorithmic and processing optimization, modern system architectures and complex mathematical calculations. He has participated in numerous standards bodies and authored industry-standard APIs. A veteran of computer giants Arm, Sun, Apollo and ComputerVision and a leader and technologist in a number of notable start-ups including Computational Camera innovator Pelican Imaging, Graphics innovators Caustic, Believe, NeoMagic and Video players Micronas and Equator, Semyon has seen the industry from all sides. His next goal is to build the world's first successful 3D Camera Company and move the Imaging World beyond two dimensions.

  • Guy Paillet

    co-Founder & CEO General Vision Inc.

    Guy Paillet has been involved in artificial vision since 1976, beginning as an application engineer for the first Fairchild CCD 3000 camera. As the CEO of DataSud Systems in Montpellier (France)   he marketed the first digital frame grabber on VME bus in the early 1980’s. In 1988 realizing the limitation of traditional vision algorithms he began to use and market in Europe the Nestor Learning System invented by Nobel Prize Winner Leon N. Cooper.

    Guy partnered with IBM Paris Semiconductor Laboratory in 1992 and brought to them the concept of ZISC (Zero Instruction Set Computer). The ZISC is the only device able to learn and recognize without software instruction or programmable logic (“Intelligence is Memory”).   The first ZISC36 neural chip was born in 1993 and its successor ZISC 78 was manufactured and fielded until IBM discontinued it in 2001. The patents pertaining to the ZISC were co-owned by IBM and Guy.  The successors of the ZISC are the CM1K (1024 neurons) designed by General Vision in California and recently the tiny NM500 manufactured by Nepes Korea under a license from General Vision.

    Guy moved to California in 1996 and in 1999 joined Anne Menendez who, as a vision engineer funded General Vision (Petaluma CA) in 1987. Right now, General Vision is on its way to implement its patents portfolio, co-owned with Asahi Glass (Japan) “Monolithic Image Perception Device” where a single die will make a CMOS sensor fully perceptive without software and fully integrated in a miniature lens.

  • Patrice Roulet Fontani

    Vice President,Technology and Co-Founder ImmerVision

    Based in Canada, Patrice heads ImmerVision’s engineering as well as, contributes to IP growth and the adoption of ImmerVision’s 360° panomorph technology by global corporations.

    Recently, he has led the miniaturisation of the panomorph 360° technology for smartphones, tablets, wearables and IoT devices. Patrice has lead the integration of 360⁰ imaging technology in consumer electronics, surveillance, automotive, aerospace, medical and broadcast products.

    Back in 2000 in France, after completing his Master’s degree in image processing and computer graphics, Patrice joined the INRIA and contributed to their research in robotic surgery simulation field. In parallel, he co-founded ImmerVision, a company dedicated to 360° optics and imaging technology. With his conviction that 360° technology could be applied everywhere, he contributed to the development of 360° panomorph optical and imaging technology.\

    Beyond technology, Patrice believes that innovation is propelled by human beings, partnerships and alliances - he has collaborated with a large ecosystem of partners in the optics industry like Fujifilm, CBC Computar, Tamron and Kolen, and in the silicon industry like Marvel, Intel, Qualcomm, Sony, Samsung, HiSilicon, NXP and OmniVision.

    In addition, Patrice is an avid surfer, international traveler and always seeks to make new connections.

  • Dr. Daniel Van Blerkom

    CTO & Co-Founder Forza Silicon

    Daniel has led the Forza Silicon engineering team in designing leading edge image sensors for medical, automotive and industrial applications, as well as high-end sensor products in the areas of digital cinema and defense. Prior to founding Forza Silicon, Daniel was with Photobit Corporation from 1998 to 2001. He holds 14 image sensor patents and was co-recipient of the Jack Raper Award for Outstanding Technology Directions Paper at ISSCC 2008. Daniel received his BSEE from UC Berkeley and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego