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Caeleste is a supplier of turn-key, high-end, beyond state-of-the-art CMOS image sensors. Our activities include custom image sensor design, manufacture, assembly and characterisation. Caeleste is the originator of many novel concepts as high-speed, low-noise image sensors, indirect X-ray detectors with photon counting, color X-ray sensors, and sub-0.5 noise electron read noise CMOS pixels.

The Caeleste team has an accumulated experience in image sensor design of over 250 years in the most renowned research institutes and imaging houses.

Caeleste focuses on:

  • Image sensors for scientific imaging and instrumentation
  • Medical imaging (X-ray devices with either direct or indirect X-ray photon conversion)
  • Particle detection (electrons – protons)
  • Industrial image sensors
  • Space and radiation hard design
  • Photonic devices for life science applications