Meet the IS Auto Americas Advisory Board

Smithers Apex would is proud to work with the following renowned experts to shape and guide the Image Sensors Auto Americas 2017 conference.

  • Bharanidhar Duraisamy

    Development Engineer – Radar, Sensor Fusion Expert Daimler

    Bharanidhar Duraisamy has started as a M.Sc. Robotics and Automation student with Daimler AG’s research and development department. After completion of his Doctoral tenure in the area of automotive multi-level sensor fusion based on several active and passive environment perception sensors, multi-sensor data association designed for state estimation and signal processing designed for automotive intelligent vehicular applications. At present he is working as a research and development engineer focused on target tracking and fusion activities in the team specializes in various level of signal processing work related to automotive Radar.

  • Brendan Hermalyn

    Camera Lead Waymo

    Camera Lead, Waymo

  • Dr Frédéric Large

    Research and Advanced Engineering Department, Vision Systems and ADAS Applications PSA Group

    Dr Frédéric Large has investigated “intelligent” vehicles and vision systems since more than 10 years at PSA Group.

    In 2004, he joined the research division to transfer technology on these subjects between laboratories and the industry. In 2008, he joined the advanced engineering division where he leads vision-based ADAS innovation projects. He also contributes to ISO international experts groups as a specialist in environment detection technologies (with a focus on vision systems by cameras). With more than 15 patents, he won the prize of Inventor of the Year in 2013, while the PSA group is the 1st patent holder in France since the last 8 years.

    Dr Frédéric Large obtained his Engineering Degree in Artificial Intelligence in 1998, his Master Degree in Cooperative Systems the same year, and his PhD in Autonomous Mobile Robots in 2003. He started studying the intelligent vehicles during his thesis at INRIA (French National Research Institute in Informatics and Automatics).

  • Mayank Mangla

    ADAS Imaging Architect Texas Instruments, USA

    Mayank Mangla is ADAS imaging architect at Texas Instruments. He has been a key member of the TI imaging team since the early days of digital imaging. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of digital camera systems including color science, optics, software and calibration processes. Currently he is focused on ramping ISPs into automotive applications and enabling new imaging applications with versatile feature set TI SoCs such as the TDA3x.

    • USA
  • Vikram Narayan

    Head of Computer Vision ADAS at Visteon

    Vikram Narayan is the Head of Computer Vision, ADAS at Visteon. He has researched on visual saliency, sparse coding, object detection and has published in premier conferences and journals.

    His Ph.D was funded by the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship at Bielefeld, and later had a Postdoctoral Stint at the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies.

    Several prestigious IEEE Transactions and Computer Vision Journals have him on their review panels.  Prior to Visteon he was with Panasonic and was working on Mirror Replacement and Automatic Parking solutions.

    At Visteon, Vikram is currently building a team of computer vision engineers to solve autonomous driving use cases

  • David Sánchez Fernández

    Technical Specialist for ADAS and automated driving Jaguar Land Rover

    David Sanchez is JLR’s Technical Specialist for ADAS and automated driving. He graduated as telecommunications engineer at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, in Barcelona, and has been working in several positions in the automotive industry since 1999, always related to electronics and ADAS, including european OEMs and research institutes

  • Joshua Wise

    Image Signal Processor Architect NVIDIA Corporation

    Joshua is an architect in the image signal processor and video input group at NVIDIA.  He is responsible for research and development on various units within the ISP itself, as well as the design of the surrounding crossbar logic that receives data from the rest of the system.  His experience working in the automotive environment drives his view of a system as a whole, rather than as a set of individual parts.  Joshua holds a M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. 

  • Alvin K. Wong

    Vice President, Automotive Innovation Center Sony

    Alvin Wong is Vice President for Sony’s Automotive Innovation Center located in Silicon Valley.  Wong has over 20 years of management experience leading business units in the semiconductor market segments.   Most recently, he lead the marketing efforts for the Automotive Scanning Division at ON Semiconductor (acquired Aptina Imaging) and achieved the #1 Automotive market share for CMOS Image Sensors.  Prior experiences include VP of Marketing and Business Development for Spansion in which he developed a corporate human machine interface strategy and was also VP/GM of Leadis Technologies (acquired by IDT) where he ran the Touch Business Unit and introduced the world’s first 1 layer ITO with multi-touch capabilities for capacitive touch screens.   Wong has also held vice president positions at Xceive Corporation and Infineon Technologies, along with several key positions at Philips Semiconductor. He completed his Executive Management Program at Indiana University Graduate School of Business and holds a B.S.E.E. from San Jose State University.

  • Dr. Peng Xie

    Automotive Camera and Imaging Lead Intel Corporation

    Peng Xie received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering both from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Missouri. He worked as a Senior Researcher in Nokia Inc., Santa Monica, California, and he is currently a Software Technical/Project Lead in Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, California, focusing on Automotive Camera & Imaging. 

  • Senthil Yogamani

    Technical Lead Valeo Vision Systems

    Senthil Yogamani has been a technical lead in the computer vision department at Valeo for the past four years. He is currently responsible for research and design of the overall computer vision algorithm architecture for next generation automated driving systems. He has over 11 years of experience in computer vision and machine learning, including 9 years of experience in industrial automotive systems. He is an author of 20 publications and 18 patents. He serves on the editorial board of various IEEE automotive conferences including ITSC and ICVES. He is a recipient of best associate editor award at ITSC 2015 and best paper award at ITST 2012.