IS Auto Origins

IS Auto 2018 taps into the emerging sensor needs of the automotive sector

IS Auto's origin is as a spin out from the annual Image Sensors conference organised by Smithers Apex in London each March, and this year the focus discussion expanded beyond the scope of just image sensors, and addressed issues concerning the whole imaging system from optics, to processing, to OEM requirements, regulations, legal framework, standards and consumer perspectives.

IS Auto 2017 focused on connecting representatives across the supply chain to debate, learn and network on the ever increasing technical developments in the lucrative collaboration of image sensors in automotive applications, in particular how parking sensors will contribute to the futuristic potential of driverless cars.

Our 5th annual spin-off conference, IS Auto 2018, will meet the needs of the supply chain by providing a forum for OEM's, Tier 1, image sensor suppliers and providers with case studies on image sensor requirments, future innovations, overcoming common challenges and making new contacts with industry leading professionals.

Don't miss out on this widely-hailed ground-breaking event for all image sensor professionals.

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Photos and feedback from IS Auto Europe 2017:




100% of delegates rated the Quality of Speakers  as Excellent or Above Average
95.5% of delegates rated the Conference Programme Content  as Excellent or Above Average
98.5% of delegates rated the Networking Opportunites as Excellent or Above Average
98.5% of delegates are Likely to Attend in the Future