Valeo Demo Vehicle

During networking breaks, you will have the opportunity to visit Valeo’s Demo Vehicle and gain hands-on insight into what new sensors can achieve.

You will be able to experience the three different demos that will be on show:

1. Scala Cocoon

This is a 360-degree environment sensing
application that fuses the perception of 6 Valeo
Scala Laser Scanner. The Scala Valeo Laser Scanner
is the only automotive certified laser scanner in the world.



2. Fisheye Depth Map Prediction on monocular
images using deep learning

This demo shows how we process in real time a
single image from an omnidirectional camera to
estimate the depth for 3D environment modelling 
or SLAM.




3. Semantic Segmentation on Fisheye images using deep learning

This demo shows a very fast and robust semantic segmentation on fisheye images.

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