Pre-conference workshop - 8 April 2019

Autonomous Vehicles And Perception Sensors: What Do We Test And How Do We Make Sure We Are Testing At The Right Level?

Introduction to testing and V&V for intelligent vehicles with focus on image sensors (30 min)

  • Working groups and guided discussion – delegates will be split into small working groups each of which will carry out an analysis of different types of testing (e.g. functional, robustness, stress, performance, etc.) for sensing & perception versus different testing environments (e.g. simulators, simulations, track testing, real world trails, etc.)
  • Group feedback, analysis and Q&A
  • Wrap up and recommendations for design of testing regimes    
  • Valentina Donzella

    Smart Connected and Autonomous Vehicles MSc leader WMG University of Warwick

    Dr Donzella has a strong background in Silicon Photonics and integrated optical sensors. Her current research interests are: autonomous vehicle sensors, LIDARs, optical sensing, integrated optics, automotive electronics and test techniques. 

    Dr Donzella completed her Ph.D. (with honours) in Innovative Technologies for Communication and Information Engineering working at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa, Italy) and McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada). Before joining the Intelligent Vehicle group at WMG, she was a postdoctoral researcher and then MITACS fellow in the ECE Department at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver (BC), Canada), working on integrated optical sensors on Silicon Photonics chips. At WMG, Dr Donzella is leading the launch the MSc program on Smart Connected and Autonomous

    Vehicles ( She is a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, and she deeply involved in academic knowledge transfer.