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Imatest and Optikos Announce Partnership for Enhanced Imaging and Analysis Solutions

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Boulder, CO and Wakefield, MA USA, October 9, 2015—Imatest LLC, a leader in image quality testing software, analysis and test charts, and Optikos Corporation, the leading provider of metrology products and services and optically-based design, today announced a collaborative effort to support clients interested in generating and analyzing high quality images in challenging environments.

Traditional target techniques and charts often become impractical when measuring large fields of view and long target distances. This need led to the development and release of Imatest 4.2’s SFRreg module, the first partnered solution for the two companies.

Imatest 4.2 supports the analysis of images captured using the Meridian™ Production Camera Test System by Optikos®—a revolutionary testing approach that employs multiple target projectors at precise angles to provide real-time measurement and analysis of image quality—and enables sharpness to be tested at infinity. Clients now have the option to augment or replace Meridian Prime software with Imatest software.

According to Imatest CEO, Jeff Herman, “The Optikos® delivery system offers a compact and sophisticated imaging hardware solution, while Imatest provides powerful image analysis tools.”

“We appreciate the variety of software modules that Imatest brings to the table. They have a large loyal following for which their image analysis software and advanced test charts have worked really well,” commented Optikos CTO, David Imrie, Ph.D. “While Optikos adds an ability to generate a high quality image in the most challenging applications.”

About Imatest

Imatest is a global leader in image quality testing. Since 2004, Imatest software and test charts have enabled thousands of customers to build the best products possible in both design and manufacturing environments. Imatest’s customers come from all industries, including mobile electronics, security, automotive and medical imaging. They use Imatest’s software, resources and knowledge to test all manner of cameras and sensors, whether it is satellites or camera phones, visible light or infrared. Please visit to learn more.

About Optikos

Optikos provides innovative applications of optical technology to a range of government, commercial, and consumer products organizations worldwide. Organizations of all types—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—seek out Optikos for its expertise in optically-based product design, development and manufacturing, and metrology products and services. For more information, visit


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