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Richard Crisp from Etron Technology discusses 3D imaging ahead of Image Sensors Americas

Smithers Apex interviews Richard Crisp from Etron Technology in the lead up to his presentation at Image Sensors Americas 2014

Q. Please briefly describe your background in digital imaging.

I come from a background is in scientific imaging; imaging system design/integration and performance characterization/optimization were my key areas of emphasis.

Q. Your presentation will cover the potential of 3D imaging - what do you see as the main applications and opportunities?

I see the key applications in the area of control, security, visualization and reproduction. Significant market opportunities lie ahead in general-purpose computing/communications platforms (notebook/tablet/smartphone) as well as in fixed function appliances.

What does industry still need to work on in terms of optimising the technology for these applications?

The area of end application concepts, software and infrastructure are major areas of activity today. Once fully deployed, the impact of 3D imaging technology on our everyday life will be transformative in the same way the internet was: it will fundamentally change how we do things.

Q. Obviously 3D is very dependent on the processor, but how does the image sensor drive performance in 3D?

The image sensor is a vital element: it establishes the functional capabilities, resolution, sensitivity and frame rate of the 3D imaging system; in short it is the primary element determining the imaging performance.

Q. Do you see stacking as an advantageous approach for image sensors for 3D applications?

There is a wide range of applications for 3D cameras, many of which have mechanical form-factor and optical challenges. Stacked die packaging schemes can offer performance and mechanical advantages useful in several of these applications.

Q.And finally, we are delighted to have you participating as a speaker, what are you hoping to gain from your attendance at the event?

I am honoured to be included in the program and look forward to listening to the other talks and meeting people that are actively involved in developing electronic imaging systems. I see this as an excellent networking opportunity and am excited to be a part of it.