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60 second interview with Ian Riches from Strategy Analytics

Ahead of IS Auto Europe 2018 we spoke to Ian Riches, Global Automotive Practice from Strategy Analytics about his presentation on 'new automotive world order', partnerships to drive the industry forward and future vision system developments and challenges.

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1. You are going to talking about the ‘new automotive world order’ – can you give us a sneak peak of what delegates will hear about?

The automotive landscape is rapidly evolving from a hierarchical value chain to a less structured value network.  Companies that used to be your suppliers are now becoming your competitors.  Customers that used to come to you first to solve a problem are now solving it themselves, or looking for expertise elsewhere.  I’ll explain my views on where I think this will all end up, and what a sane path through the coming years could look like.

2. What sort of partnerships and collaborations do you think will be necessary to drive the industry forward? 

The industry needs to move more quickly towards deciding what is truly differentiating and what is “mere” enabling technology.  There’s arguably too much duplication of effort around a lot of automated driving development at the moment.  We’re starting to see these collaborations emerge – but more needs to be done.

3. What do you see as the most significant changes coming up in vision systems development and their applications within automotive in the next 12-24 months?

a) Much more use of machine vision in the currently largely “dumb” applications of park assist and surround view.
b) Camera resolutions markedly increasing
c) A lot more in-cabin sensing

4. What are you seeing as the biggest stumbling blocks in industry?

Testing and validation.   Simulation is a great tool, but there’s still a wide divergence of opinion as to how far it can get you.  More progress is needed to ensure that what we are developing is safe, and safe all the time.

5. Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend IS Auto Europe 2018?

Image sensors are at the core of all aspects of vehicle automation.  You won’t see a single demo vehicle running around without numerous cameras.  We’re now at the inflexion point where we’re moving rapidly from dumb to smart; from low-res to high-res;  from driver support to automated driving.  If you feel that you can keep a handle on such a rapid pace of change without hearing the latest developments from across the value network at a quality event such as IS Auto Europe 2018 then you probably don’t understand how fast things are changing….