2019 Agenda


Wednesday 25 September

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Ron Mueller | CEO of Vision Markets of Associate Consultant of Smithers Apex

Investment and innovation in the Asian market

  1. Outlook in China: what’s new in the automotive industry?

    Paul Gong | China Auto Analyst of UBS

  2. Market and technology trends: an automotive electronics and semiconductor market overview

    Antonio Garzón | Senior Analyst, Automotive Electronics & Semiconductor of IHS Markit Technology

  3. What’s next for image sensor innovation in the automotive industry?

    Mark Liu | Industry Analyst - Global Automotive Practice of Strategy Analytics, Beijing

  4. Networking Refreshments Break

Improving road safety through sensor innovation

  1. Eye safety and trust in self-driving cars

    Modar Alaoui | Founder and CEO of Eyeris

  2. The role of heat-seeking sensors in making autonomous driving safer

    Tim LeBeau | Chief Commercial Officer of Seek Thermal

  3. Enhancing driver safety through improved camera image quality

    Yigang Li | Manager, Optical Industry & Home Tech of SCHOTT Glass Technologies

  4. Creating a safety cocoon: 360 degree detection for early stage danger avoidance

    Zhen Lin | Assistant Manager of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (Shanghai) Limited

    "Safety Cocoon" is a name expressing the creation of an area surrounding the car where a car can detect its surroundings in 360 degrees and prepare for danger avoidance from an early stage in various driving situations, enhancing safety in our society of constantly improving levels of autonomous driving. SONY would like to discuss the key for achieving enhanced safety efficiently in this speech.

  5. Networking Lunch

Road to autonomous driving: next generation image sensors

  1. Address the test & validation challenges in ADAS/AD for simulation and development

    Dr Florian Baumann | CTO EMEA (Specializing in Automotive & AI), of Dell EMC

  2. The new era of ‘smart’ LiDAR

    Mehdi Asghari | Founder and CEO of SiLC Technologies

  3. Mastering challenges in high quality mass production of camera modules and LiDAR systems for ADAS

    Dirk Seebaum | Manager, Business Unit Automation of Trioptics

  4. Networking Refreshments Break

  5. The LiDAR landscape

    Anand Gopalan | Chief Technology Officer of Velodyne LiDAR, Inc.

  6. High power VCSEL photonics for LiDAR applications

    Professor Fumio Koyama | Director, Institute of Innovative Research of Tokyo Institute of Technology

  7. An overview of modern automotive HDR image sensors

    Dana Diezemann | Senior Vision Consultant of Image Sensors and Cameras

  8. Chair's Summary and Closing Remarks

    Ron Mueller | CEO of Vision Markets of Associate Consultant of Smithers Apex

  9. Networking Drinks Reception


Thursday 26 September

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Ron Mueller | CEO of Vision Markets of Associate Consultant of Smithers Apex

End user requirements

  1. Managing multiple data sources and ensuring that sensor data isn’t interrupted: generation and storage issues

    Junli Gu | VP of Autonomous Driving of XMotors.ai

  2. Artificial intelligence: boon or bane in the automotive industry?

    Mahabir Gupta | Solutions & Products Consultant - IoT, Mobility & Data Security of Volvo

  3. Sensor fusion for autonomous driving

    Dr. Ting Yuan | Senior Research Scientist & Principle Tech Lead for Autonomous Driving of Daimler

    Autonomous driving poses unique challenges for real world vehicle systems due to the complex driving environment where the autonomous vehicle finds itself in and interacts itself with surrounding objects. Dr. Yuan will talk about the motivation/understanding of autonomous driving from the point of view of Mercedes-Benz and the current trend around autonomous driving in Silicon Valley.

    He will introduce different environment representations from heterogeneous automotive sensors i.e. radar, stero/mono camera and LiDAR systems. The relevant state estimation algorithms, sensor fusion frameworks and the evaluation procedures with reference ground truth are presented in detail. An interesting glimpse of the data set obtained from a sensor configuration that would be used in the future Mercedes-Benz autonomous vehicles will be shown. 

    Dr. Yuan will try to elaborate the relationship in proper sensor setup, clean software architecture, and advanced algorithms for a satisfying autonomous vehicular settings and requirements. In particular, the state of the art technology for autonomous driving in China will be discussed.

  4. Networking Refreshments Break

Future ambitions: what is on the horizon?

  1. What would full autonomy look like?

    Abhay Rai | VP of Product Marketing of Visteon

  2. Adaptable technology platform for automated driving

    Dan Isaacs | Director Automotive Global Markets of Xilinx

  3. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Ron Mueller | CEO of Vision Markets of Associate Consultant of Smithers Apex

  4. Close of IS Auto Asia 2019